Monday, May 14, 2012

Marriage Equality Really Isn't

Most people that keep up with the news were made aware that President Obama publicly announced his support of "marriage equality." What does that even mean? And what is so wrong about it?

So called marriage equality is a  homosexualist derivative from their more used term, "domestic partnership." What the homosexualist are creating such a fuss about is them wanting to have all the same benefits, and social acceptance as a married couple. The President of the United States of America even supports it. They don't want to be "discriminated against." And I would say that the Bible does not support discrimination against someone just because of their ethnicity, gender, or beliefs. However, we do treat people differently because of what they do, and what they claim.

Lately, a lot of indirect social hate has been showered upon conservatives because we somehow hate homosexuals because we do not support "love." I support love, but I do not support lust.

Marriage is clearly the set apart union of one man and one woman, 1 Cor 7 is clear about it. Homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1:27). That is very clear. Thus, the union of two men is not marriage, it is the perversion of sexuality and a platform for open sin and lust. The union of two women is not marriage, it is the perversion of sexuality and a platform for open sin and lust.

Do not fall into the trap and think that it is possible for two homosexuals to actually "love" each other intimately and unselfishly like an actual couple would. That is a lie. There is no way that two people from the same gender who have exchanged the natural use of their bodies, burning in lust for one another, committing what is shameful, can function like a married couple and honor God with their union.

Do not mistake my discernment for hate. I am just making a moral and political point. I have nothing against those people, I just won't tolerate them putting their sin at par with a set apart institution founded by God Almighty.

The debased mind can call it anything, but it is certainly not marriage.


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