Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Brilliant Distraction

I was listening to a message by Eric Ludy a few days ago where he explained what distractions are. He gave two definitions for them. One is a regular distraction and the other is a brilliant distraction. Here are his definitions:

"What is a distraction? Anything that turns the eyes of the soul away from Jesus and Him crucified."

"What is a brilliant distraction? Anything that turns the eyes of the soul away from Jesus and Him crucified; the whole while convincing them that Jesus and Him crucified is their entire focus."

Distractions come in so many ways! Internet, video games, facebook, relationships...they can all have unhealthy ties in our lives if we don't know they can be distractions. There are some distractions that we know turn the eyes of our soul away from Jesus and Him crucified. There are other "smaller" distractions that fool us, though. Those are the ones we have to look out for, because even if we think they're smaller, they can turn out to be the biggest.

We may think that texting someone constantly isn't a distraction at all; especially if we're leading each other closer to Christ within our conversations! It seems unharmful in itself and certainly makes us believe that we're doing something godly. However, if we're constantly doing something (whether it be one of the things I mentioned above or anything else), that takes an extended amount of time away from Jesus or other more important things in our life like church and family, it's a brilliant distraction. It makes us believe that we're focused on Christ, but in truth, we're being distracted.

"All the ways of a man are pure in His own eyes, but the Lord weighs the Spirit." Proverbs 16:2

There may be a certain distraction in your life that you may think is okay. I want to encourage you to seek the Lord and find out what distractions have an unhealthy hold on your life. Ask the Lord to reveal the brilliant distractions in your life; those that are hidden in your heart. Find the ones that aren't leading you closer to Him and surrender it to the Lord. Ask Him to replace the need for that distraction with a need for Him. God will faithfully show you if you honestly seek His will.

God bless,

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