Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't be the 'Nice Guy'

So I have noticed a trend in society, and even in my church. There are a lot of the 'nice guys!' They help with the chairs, they open the doors for the ladies, and they don't cause a big ruckus. Mothers are finally at peace; their son isn't smoking, sleeping around or in jail. Would you look at that? He is even getting A's in school! How marvelous! These are the 'nice guys!'

In fact, mothers are pretty sure they have those 'nice guys' down and under control! The 'guys' don't do anything crazy. The 'guys' don't do anything rash. The guys know how to be proper. 

Those 'guys' aren't under control; they have been broken.

The 'nice guys' care, but don't do anything about it. The 'nice guys' like, but never love. The 'nice guys' know about, but never believe. The 'nice guys' follow, but never lead. The 'nice guys' sing and clap, but never worship. The 'nice guys' are nice, but nothing else.

Society doesn't need the 'nice guys' that love to give hugs and kisses. Society need guys that are restless, aggressive and courageous. The world is desperately lacking in masculine initiative. No longer is there the immediate and widespread need for men to take a physically demanding jobs in the world. There are no barbarians to kill, deer to hunt or frontier to conquer (darn..). Today men work in offices, study in classrooms, and travel in cars. Women can do that without men. However, just because woman are able to do the same things men do does not mean that we are no longer needed in this world. Men lead this nation. Men lead this world. Men lead the Gospel.

The roll of man has not changed from the days of the Garden of Eden, to the days of Roman glory, to the 21st century days of enterprise. Men have the same roles, but they are carried out in different ways.

Video games make the 'nice guys' feel like men, but they really don't have to be the brave hero in their games.
Porn makes the 'nice guys' feel like men, but they really don't have to go through the trouble of honoring and caring for a girl.
Jesus makes real men, but only those who really going pick up a cross and follow Him.

Don't be a the 'nice guy,' because the 'nice guy' don't end up anywhere. Be an ambitious man, because they know that living a life with Jesus as the center is what makes it worth it.

Titus 2:6-8
Likewise, exhort the young men to be sober-minded, in all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility, sound speech that cannot be condemned, that one who is an opponent may be ashamed, having nothing evil to say of you.

The Gospel doesn't need the 'nice guys.' The Gospel needs restless, aggressive and courageous men.

Be a serious man. Be a man that does good work(s). Be a man that loves the Word of God. Be a man that revers. Be an incorruptible man. Be a man that knows how to use the English language in a way that shows others he is smart, and in control. Don't be a 'nice guy,' be the guy Jesus was. 

Oh, and about Jesus...

Jesus wasn't the 'nice guy.' Jesus was consumed and compelled by the deep and divine love He had for us. He was more loving that any man will ever be, but He was so passionate and so focused that He didn't have time to worry about what people thought of Him. 

The 'nice guys' don't end up on a cross, covered in stinging cuts and drying blood. 'Nice guys' end up in the crowd watching.

- Jerry


  1. Great post on godly masculinity that the world needs to see :)

  2. I really, really enjoyed this, Jer. Thanks very much for the insight on Biblical manhood, and what we ought to be praying for in our men.