Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Galatians 5:22-23:
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

The second fruit is joy. As a Christian, it's so important to be joyful. Imagine an unjoyful person. Most of us know at least one person like that. No one wants to be like that at all! It's discouraging and unpleasant to be around someone like that. That should not be, though. Ultimately, we are representatives of Christ and we should really try to always portray Him like He really is- a joyful, loving King.

Alot of people don't understand what true joy is. They confuse joy with and happiness which are really two different things. Merriam-Webster describes happiness as prosperity and good fortune. That means that if we're not prosperous and have lots of money, we're not happy. Happiness depends on material things. It's all an "if I could have" or "if I had" feeling. Happiness is not only dependent, but it's also inconsistent. You may have it today, but not tomorrow. As soon as tribulation comes, there goes your happiness with it. It's a rollercoaster feeling that comes and goes. That unstableness is not good for you personally or the lives of your family members who are living alongside you. You will be known as a moody person for they'll never know how you'll wake up feeling. It's unpleasant and unkind to make your family go through that with you.

Joy is a completely different matter. Merriam-Webster defines joy as rejoicing, pleasure, and delight. Joy doesn't depend on feelings. The joy of the Lord is consistent. Look at Paul and Silas in Acts chapter 16. Because they had just healed a girl, the authorities decided to put them both in prison. They were beaten. They were flogged. They were mistreated. They were treated like lowly criminals and then thrown into prison. Their feet were tied down and they had guards surrounding them and watching them closely. This is where Paul and Silas' joy comes in: they were singing hymns and praying! Despite the fact that they were hated, persecuted, and beaten to make them stop, nothing could stop them from praising and speaking about their God. That's joy! They were in the midst of what I'd call a major tribulation, but their joy did not cease. I'm sure they weren't happy at the moment, but they sure were joyful! That is joy lived out!

Joy should be visible in your life. It shows in your face. I know people whom I can honestly say, "Oh, she's a joyful person". It doesn't mean she's perfect or has everything she wants or is always happy, but I can tell you she is a joyful girl. I want to be known as a joyful person. I want to be able to go through difficult trials in life and still be a joyful person. I believe that as Christians and like I said earlier, representatives of Christ, we should all want that joy and strive to attain it. The only way to attain it is by filling ourselves with Christ. When we read, memorize, and know His Word, it'll comfort us during difficult times and therefore produce joy in the Lord. :)
Proverbs 15:30a:

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart.

Do you see yourself as a joyful person?

Do you think there are areas in your life where you believe you're joyful, but in reality, you're just happy?

In what ways can you become a more joyful person?

I can't wait to read your thoughts! :)


  1. Do you see yourself as a joyful person? When I am leaning on Christ I am Joyful. I can tell when I am not leaning on Him as I should be when I find myself un-joyful. Sadly that has been often lately. I find myself on my knees more though =)

    Do you think there are areas in your life where you believe you're joyful, but in reality, you're just happy?
    hmmm...Possibly. I have never really thought about it quite like that. I will definitely have to give it some more thought!

    In what ways can you become a more joyful person?
    I think goes back to the first question...The more I lean and trust in Christ the more Joy I receive. =)

  2. Hey Sophie!

    That was a great post. I have to admit to all of you that many times circumstances in my life take away that Joy that should be ever-present in my life. In the long run though, I do see myself as a joyful person.

    I would also like to add that for different people Joy is manifested in different ways. Some people smile when they are joyful, others sing, other laugh. So don't feel bad if your not smiling all the time. :P Joy is an attitude, not a way to act.

    I guess that a great way that we can grow in joy is by focusing on what is to come, rather than what is going on now. Like Peter, when he was walking in the water with Jesus. As soon as he looked around him he began to sink! But if we keep our eyes on Jesus and what is to come for us we always have a reason to be joyful.

    Again, thanks for the great post.


  3. I agree with you, Jerry, that you don't need to necessarily be laughing or smiling constantly to be a joyful person. Obviously, if you're going through a really hard time, it's not as easy to always be smiling and have a joyful countenance. Thanks for pointing that out, I completely overlooked that. :)

  4. I'm looking forward to following this series. :P Keep up the good work!

  5. I am also thoroughly enjoying this series and the whole blog! You are doing a wonderful job!