Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disciple on a Mission.

Happy new year everyone!

I had an amazing Christmas with family and friends. But while many people spend the next week relaxing at home, or take a vacation to a luxurious resort to have some down time, my family packed all of our bags. Not for a vacation, but for a conference at the end of the year! Faith Walkers!

The three and 1/2-day schedule with activities and sessions at Faith walkers made it anything but relaxing. But it could be considered a vacation because of the spiritual impact that it had on me. I did have awesome fun with friends, but it was more a vacation for my spiritual walk than anything ells.

The theme this year was Discipleship. There were so many teaching about being a better disciple, and what a disciple does. And out of all the teachings, there were two that impacted me in a special way. 1: A Disciple is on a Mission. 2: A Disciple is Persecuted.

Both of these teachings convicted me in this way: Last semester I started two Duel-enrollment classes in Miami Dade College. God had given me this tremendous opportunity to share His word and share the Gospel, but I did not actively share the gospel like I should have. I really just tried to earn A's and not get shot. And as a result, I never really shared the gospel clearly: A mistake I will not repeat!

I will share what I learned in the first session.

Christ is worth everything we have to offer! Jesus Christ is the Shepard, and we are His sheep. This might seem a bit gruesome, but in the OT times, sheep were shepherded and raised to be sacrificed. In the same way, since we are His sheep, we should sacrifice ourselves for Christ's calling, because He won't force us into anything. We need to let the Holy Spirit lead us to find the right place to pour out our lives for our Savior. Once we find that calling, (Over seas mission, planting a new church, pastoring a church, worship leader, ect.) we have to embrace it as our own personal mission. The most obvious mission that all Christians are called to, regardless of gifts or weaknesses, is the Great Commission.

Matthew 28:19

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

A Disciple makes other disciples! And his/her whole life is geared that way. We should have friends to share the Gospel and disciple others. We should go to school to share the Gospel and disciple others. We should work to share the Gospel and disciple others. We should get married to share the Gospel and disciple others. We should raise our children to share the gospel and disciple others. We should serve to share the Gospel and disciple others. All our activities that interact with other people should be pushing to two things, helping others be better disciples of Christ, or making new disciples of Christ.

A disciple on a mission lives on a purpose!

Honestly ask your self this: Have you embraced the Great Commission as your own personal mission?

I love to hear comments!

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  1. Great post!

    I was really impacted by what the speaker said about the disciple being on a mission. I hadn't started dual enrollment yet when I heard the session but once I heard what he said it made me really want to go focused on being a light on the campus. And about the disciple on a mission living with purpose was awesome, too! Wow, so many times I go to places with no purpose but to get something done. I need to constantly remind myself that wherever I go, I have to opportunity to be a light for Christ.

    As for the question....hmm...I'm not so sure I had embraced it previously before the conference, and I'm not sure I've fully embraced it yet now, but I can tell you that it was very impacting and I've gained more of a passion for it. Thanks for the great post. :)